Saturday, February 27, 2010

Its Time to Jump!

Item Code : S031
Free Size [Waist: ~ 84cm **Adjustable** Total Length:78cm]
Colors: Yellow / Dark Blue / Grey / Black
Material : Cotton
Price: RM30

Gals Party

Item Code : D136
Measurement: Bust: 80-90 cm Length: 78cm Sleeves: 62cm
Material : Soft Cotton
Colors: Black / Pink
Price: RM36

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lacey Bean

Item Code :D097 - P
Size : Free[Bust:64~90cm Shoulder:38cm
Sleeves: 40cm Length :66cm]

Color: Pink
Material : Lace + Cotton
Price: RM34

Chiffon Babe

Item Code : D134
Measurement: Bust: 90 ~ 100 cm Length: 80cm Sleeves: 42cm
Colors: White
Material : Chiffon
Price: RM34

The Spring

Item Code :D133
Size : Free[Bust:80~90cm Length :92cm]
Material : Chiffon
Color: Pink
Price: RM34

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Craziest Sale

All at RM15 - RM25!!
Spend more than RM100 here discount RM5!!
Added new items and price slashed again!!
Latest Stock Status! (31st March 2010, 8pm)

Top : Layer Swan (Last Piece:RM25)| The Garden(Sold!)
Bottom : Mini Vest (Last Piece: RM25)

Top : Sweet Ruffle (SOLD!)| Unzip Me (Last Piece:RM20)
Bottom : Sexy Pie (RM20)
| Maid of Honor (RM25)

Top: Black&White (RM20) | Crystal Skull (RM15)
Bottom: Multi-Layer Cake
(SOLD!)| Mini Cardigan (RM20)

Top: Stripped
(SOLD!)| Kewpie Doll (SOLD!)
Bottom: Lots of Love
(SOLD!)| White Butterfly (RM15)

Top: Romantisicm (RM20)
| Fluffy Diamond (SOLD!)
Ruffled Tulip (SOLD!) | Relax (RM25)

Top: Dragon-fly in Kimono (SOLD!)| Stripped Chiffon (Last Piece:RM25)|
Bohemian Long Skirt (RM25)
Bottom: Peace (
Last Piece:RM25) | Cappuccino (SOLD!)

Left to Right : Devil + Angel
(SOLD!)| Paint Your Wardrobe Colorful (RM15) )|
Knitty Chick (RM25)

The Badge IV

Item Code : T112
Size : Free
Material : Cotton
Colors:Black / Grey
Price: RM26

Friday, February 5, 2010


Elegant yet divalicious.

Perfect match with mini and your favorite shapely jeans.It helps to show off your body curve and transform you from the girl next door to a sexy diva! Try it out today!

**Restock Arrive**
Item Code : T021
Size : Free[Bust:82cm Length:48cm]
Colors : White / Black
Material : Pure Cotton
Price: RM29
Status: Available

No More Pink

Bring out pure elegance with sophistication in this dress. An eye-catching empire waist belt adds the final stroke of splendor to update your looks.

**Belt is included**
**Recommended to XS-S Size**
Item Code : D069

Measurement: Bust: 60 ~ 76 cm Length: 55cm
Colors: White / Black
Material : Cotton
Price: RM32

Simple is Hapiness III

**White / Grey a bit sheer so might need to wear inner inside**
** Belt is included **
Item Code : T104
Size : Free[Bust: 80~100cm Length :70cm]
Material : Cotton
Black (available)
White (available)
Price: RM32

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sweet like Candy II

You might missed THIS out but we are getting this for you! High waist feature with X interconnected strap at the back is sizzling hot!

Item Code : D035
Size : Free[Bust:70~80cm Dress Length:50cm Strap Length: 32cm]
Colors : Grey / Dark Blue
Material : Cotton
Price: RM28

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Layer Swan (Updated!)

**Suitable for S-M Size**

Item Code :D101 - G
Measurement: Bust: ~90cm *Stretchable* Shoulder: 37cm Length: 80cm
Material : Cotton + Chiffon
White (Last Piece!)
Black (Last Piece!)
Price: RM25

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