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Dear all Fancylanders,

This section is to make sure all fancylanders have good confidence on our fancy products and help you in the process of ordering.

If you still have some questions that are not quoted here please email us
and we will get back to you asap. To serve you better is our mission.

A. About Products

Q:All products in Fancyland are ready stock?
A:All products in Fancyland are in ready stock and is made by good material and quality fabric, you may refer the products on our actual product picture.

Q:Why the price cheaper than others? Are they used before?
A:We didn't sell second hand items. The price is cheaper because we want to get the cheapest price for you at guaranteed quality!

Q:Is the Price stated already including the postage or shipping fees?
A:Our shop price is not yet added with shipping fees, when you had make your order by selecting shipping methods, we will added up with the shipping fees.

Q:I want to know more about the details of the products such as .......
A:The details of our products is all stated in our products webpage, if you still have more inquiry on certain products, you are welcome to post your question at the comment side or email us,we will reply your question as soon as possible.

B. About Payments

Q:What kind of payment method that accepted by Fancyland ?
A:Fancyland only accepts payment by MAYBANK、PUBLIC BANK、CIMB BANK fund transfer through online or ATM.

Q:And the bank acc?
CIMB : 06080063622529 (Hoh Cheng Wei)

Maybank: 107135211557 (Hoh Cheng Wei)

PBB: 4391826325 (Hoh Cheng Wei)

QWhat should I do after I had made or completed my payment?

A:Once you had completed your payment, mail us which include the details as below:

  1. Bank Name
  2. Total Bank In Amount
  3. Bank In Date/Time

C. About Shipments

Q: Which delivery method should i choose?
A:There have 3 major delivery options to be choose:

  1. Pos Ekspress - Fast which they promise will arrive in 1 day (in certain area) and no signature is required.
  2. Pos Laju - Will be reached at your doorstep within 1-2 days. Signature required. If there are no body around then you will need to collect it yourself at the nearby post office.
  3. Skynet - Fast and signature required. If there is no body around then the Skynet people will call you for appointment.
Q:How much is the postal charges?
A:The charges depends on the shipping method you choose and the quantity.
West Malaysia ~RM 7 (1-3 pieces) Add RM1 for the subsequent quantity
East Malaysia ~RM9 (1-3 pieces)
Add RM2 for the subsequent quantity
Pos Express
West and East Malaysia ~ RM 4.50 (1-2 pieces) RM 7.50 (2-3 pieces)

West Malaysia ~RM 7 (1-3 pieces) Add RM1 for the subsequent quantity
East Malaysia ~RM9 (1-3 pieces)
Add RM2 for the subsequent quantity

Q:God! I got bad experience with Pos Malaysia. Can i choose other company service like Nationwide, Skynet or anything except Pos M'sia?
A:Skynet is another options now!

Q:Do you ship to other countries instead of Malaysia?
A:Yea! We really don’t mind shipping it to you but of course standard postage fee applies. We will quote you the cheapest shipping cost as we could.

Q:Is this courier safe? Will you guarantee?
A:PosMalaysia is the most common courier in Malaysia, we will provide tracking number for you to check on the shipping status. Fancyland does not responsible if parcel lost or broken parcel’s packing after sign receiving with courier, the responsible will be under the courier company.
But of course we will do what we can do to help you track and find the parcel. Fortunately we don't have parcel lost problem. Thanks god!

Q:When will I receive my parcel after I had made my order and completed my payment?
A:After we had received your payment, we will post it on the next working day. The speed of arrival depends on shipping methods that you choose. We will mail you after we sent out the parcel and provide tracking number for you to check on the shipping status from time to time.

Q:How to know my parcel delivery status?
A:We worry as you. Parcel tracking number will be given after post out. You may online track the status using the provided tracking number. Click on your shipping method below and type in the tracking number:
Pos ekspress
Pos Laju

Q:Do you COD (Cash on Delivery)?
A:Yes! We do provide COD. It's limited to Queensbay Mall, Penang. It's Free Of Charge by the way!

D. Others

Q:Can I send back for exchange?
A:All goods sold are not exchangeable/refundable. We keep our promise to confirm the quality before we sent out the products.

Q:How do I know that I will fit the clothes?
A:We had already clearly stated all the measurement details in our websites. Please confirm the measurement stated that are able to suits you. All the measurement might have a minor difference of 0.5-2.0cm vary to the real item.

Please refer to figure below for then basic measurement terms.Click to enlarge.

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