Friday, January 29, 2010

Mysterious Night

With Side Zipper!

Item Code :D129
Measurement:Free[Bust:64-90cm **Strenchable**Length :72cm]
Material : Cotton + Lace
Price : RM35


It is a soft to touch, comfortable material that is designed to let you walk to the street with 100% confidence! Two pockets at the front is specially for you to fit more ang pao in this Chinese New Year.

Item Code :D104 - BA
Measurement: Bust: ~88cm Length *Including the strap length*: 72cm
Color: Black / Red
Material : Cotton
Price: RM32

2 Pcs in Zebra

**Selling HOT! Highly Recommended!**
**2 PCs Like + With Nondetachable Belt**
Item Code :D116
Measurement: Bust: 80~110cm Shoulder: 35cm Sleeves: 56cm Length: 70cm
Material : Cotton
Price: RM32

The Leopard (Updated!)

**Including black inner*
Highly Recommended!**
Item Code :D107
Measurement: Bust: ~80cm Shoulder: 38cm Length: 79cm
Material : Cotton + Lace
Price: RM34


Well. What's the best blouse to capture this romance and being loved feel?
down to find out!

Item Code : T016
Size : Free[Bust:80cm Length:60cm Sleeves from shoulder:16cm]
Colors : White (SOLD!) | Pink (Available)
Material : Cotton *elastic*
Price: RM27 -> RM21 Promotion!

Knitted Elegance

Item Code :D128
Measurement:Free[Bust:64-100cm **Strenchable** Waist: 66-86cm
Length **Excluding the halter neck length**:67cm]
Material : Cotton
Price : RM35

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jasmine (Updated!)

**Ribbon is nondetachable**
Item Code : T090

Size : Free[Bust: 90~130cm Sleeves:59cm
Shoulder: 38cm Length :61cm]

Color: Deep Coffee
Material : Cotton
Price: RM29


Item Code : T110
Size : Free
Size : Free[Bust: 62~92cm Length :62 cm]
Material : Cotton
Colors: Pink
Price: RM27

Cross the Boundary

Item Code : T109
Size : Free
Size : Free[Bust: 62~80cm Length :71 cm]
Material : Cotton
Colors: As Picture
Price: RM27

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Item Code : T108
Size : Free
Size : Free[Bust: 62~85cm Length :62 cm]
Material : 100% Cotton
Colors: As Picture
Price: RM28

Sexy V

Item Code :D127

Measurement:Free[Bust:78-92cm Waist: 72-82cm Length:78cm]
Colors : Black
Material : Imitated Silk
Price : RM34

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Garden

Add a swathe of flower power into your wardrobe with lots of floral blouse!

Item Code : T083 -Y

Size : Free[Bust (Very Stretchable) :60~80cm
Waist (Stretchable) : 44 ~ 90 cm
Length :45cm]
Material : Cotton
Price: RM25 -> RM20!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Elegant Babe

**2 Pc Like**
Item Code :D126
Measurement:Free[Bust:70-88cm Sleeves: 15cm
Shoulder: 38cm Length:72cm]

Colors : White | Black | Grey
Material : Cotton + Imitated Silk
Price : RM34

Friday, January 22, 2010

Floral Season

Item Code :D123
Bust: 90~130cm *Stretchable* Sleeves + Shoulder : 25cm Length:81cm
Red (available)
Black (available)
Price: RM30

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