Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Craziest Sale

All at RM15 - RM25!!
Spend more than RM100 here discount RM5!!
Added new items and price slashed again!!
Latest Stock Status! (31st March 2010, 8pm)

Top : Layer Swan (Last Piece:RM25)| The Garden(Sold!)
Bottom : Mini Vest (Last Piece: RM25)

Top : Sweet Ruffle (SOLD!)| Unzip Me (Last Piece:RM20)
Bottom : Sexy Pie (RM20)
| Maid of Honor (RM25)

Top: Black&White (RM20) | Crystal Skull (RM15)
Bottom: Multi-Layer Cake
(SOLD!)| Mini Cardigan (RM20)

Top: Stripped
(SOLD!)| Kewpie Doll (SOLD!)
Bottom: Lots of Love
(SOLD!)| White Butterfly (RM15)

Top: Romantisicm (RM20)
| Fluffy Diamond (SOLD!)
Ruffled Tulip (SOLD!) | Relax (RM25)

Top: Dragon-fly in Kimono (SOLD!)| Stripped Chiffon (Last Piece:RM25)|
Bohemian Long Skirt (RM25)
Bottom: Peace (
Last Piece:RM25) | Cappuccino (SOLD!)

Left to Right : Devil + Angel
(SOLD!)| Paint Your Wardrobe Colorful (RM15) )|
Knitty Chick (RM25)

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